Art and Shamanism

By Barbara O’ Meara

The ritual involved in creating a unique expressive painting is as vital to the process as any resulting finished piece. Allowing a painting to communicate with you and to guide you, permitting yourself to bypass your head space and connect with your heart space takes trust and intuition. Working meditatively, going deeply into a natural altered state, soul searching and surrendering any control regarding the work allows for a far greater awareness to come forward. With heightened senses there is an invitation to cross thresholds connecting to an ancestral collective memory with a perception of non linear time where past, present and future all exist side by side. Revelations of emerging forms and figures, weaving together of vibrant colours and textures, ecstatic movement of paint on canvas, bringing forth the shadows and light, silently witnessing and having the ability to seek far beyond any preconceived notion of what the painting should ‘become’. Portals are opened to sacred geography, connections to land, sea and sky, drawing on the mystical energies of the elemental and the primitive, embracing guttural feelings and raw emotions gives rise to inspirational sources transcending time and space. Is this a channelling of the echoes of other worlds, a glimpse of the dream time, a creative stream of consciousness or perhaps the calling of the great mother? To stop, to analyse or to attempt to decipher is to lose a precious gift. In truth there are no answers, no solutions, no amendments or corrections, no conversations. There is only the journey, embracing the immediacy and purity of the paint as it flows, layer upon layer, with the unfolding vision oscillating between figurative and abstraction…all is one…transitioning from artist to shaman and from shaman to artist. The spirits live on.

Click here to view my utube videos about this exhibition.

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